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Welcome to il riccio

il riccio -イルリッチョ- は兵庫県姫路市にある 100%プラントベースド(植物性)の食事を楽しめるカフェと、こだわりの食材を販売する自然食品のショップです。




“il riccio” is a cafe in Himeji, Hyogo where you can enjoy 100% plant-based meals, and a natural foods
shop that sells speciality ingredients.

The cafe does not use animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy produce, and honey, but it serves
savoury and sweet dishes (vegan menu) that incorporate the concept of macrobiotic cooking. All
vegetables used in our cooking are sourced from local farmers near Himeji who adopt organic and natural
farming practices. We also take care to use selected seasonings which are organic, pesticide-free and free
of additives in order to serve delicious food that energises the body from within.

Furthermore, the ingredients used in our cafe are also on sale at our natural food shop. You can directly
see the ingredients that we use so you can eat with confidence, and if you like them you can even
purchase them to enjoy at home if you wish.

We have a small shop but please do stop by to have a look.

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